General Track Rules

No drugs or alcohol permitted. Violators will be removed from the premises

No profanity, no fighting, or hand gestures of any kind towards track staff, fellow competitors, or spectators

Disorderly conduct will not be tolerated, and will result in disqualification. Owners and drivers are responsible for the actions of their crew members and family. After disqualification, a verbal warning will be issued, any other instances and you will be removed from the premise

There will be a pre-race tech inspection on karts, and race apparel at the tech barn. If you don’t get a sticker then you will not be allowed on the track. Items of inspection will include (weights, all steering components, break system, snap rings on axle with safety wire, wheel base)  

All drivers must wear proper racing gear at all times. (Full faced helmet, race jacket OR race suite, neck brace, and race gloves) No dirt bike helmets, no flip up helmets, no sweatshirt or sweatpants, and no holes in pants

All karts must have visible numbers on front, sides, and rear of kart

All weights must be bolted and must be double nutted or cotter pinned. Weights must be painted white, with the kart number on it. If you have led molded to your seat you must have a bolt through it. If any weights come off the kart during a race, the kart will be disqualified

Drivers may not have any unbolted weight on themselves to reach weight such as ankle weights or weight belts etc.

Track reserves the right to tech oil, gas, plates, slides etc. during the night

Anyone not crossing the scales at any time during the night will be disqualified. This does not apply to our RWYB and PAC classes  

If a driver is disqualified or black flagged at any time, they must exit the track immediately

All decisions made by the flagman and staff are final

We will have “DOUBLE FILE” starts for heat races and features. There will be 2 attempts at a double file start and then we will start the race single file

No racing back to the flag during a caution

Karts will be lined up according to the last completed lap. Any kart involved in a caution will be put to the tail

Any unsportsmanlike driving will result in disqualification. NO blocking at any time or you will be black-flagged

If you are not on the grid and ready to race when your class is released onto the track, you will miss your event. If you are on the grid and experience a problem, you will have 2 laps to enter the track, after which the race will begin and you will not be scored

Only the driver is allowed inside the scale area otherwise kart will be disqualified unless it is broken. (All kid classes may have one adult)

No one is allowed on the track at anytime, except to start a kart, or you will be disqualified. (Kid classes are allowed one person to help them when needed)

Only one person from each kart will be allowed in the tech room when being tech

The leader may start the race anywhere inside the designated zone and the flagman will signal the start of the race

Drivers may not advance their position until they have made it the start/restart zone and will be put to the tail or black-flagged if officials determine this occurred


Race format will be as follows unless other wise specified for special events:

·       Gates will open @ 2pm

·       Drivers meeting @ 4:45pm

·       Open practice starts at 5pm

·       2 heat races that will consist of 10 laps or 10 minutes (whichever comes first)

·       Features will be 15 laps or 15 minutes (whichever comes first)

**Please not this schedule is subject to change based on event and other race day circumstances

Open tire rule for all classes unless otherwise noted

We will follow AKRA or NKA Engine rules for our clone classes (must declare in tech) and Briggs & Stratton rules for our LO206 classes